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I have a Platform, not an Agenda

Four years ago when I first asked to serve as your mayor I was ready. Before I made my decision I spent three years attending every public meeting the city hosted - all council, redevelopment commission, board of public works, plan commission, and board of zoning appeals meetings. And this was BEFORE any meetings were livestreamed! I was determined to truly know Charlestown; our people, our strengths, our needs, and our government procedures. Attending these meetings made it easy for me to identify a platform that would keep Charlestown FIRST. And that's what we did!

But we're not finished.

Since I became mayor we've made financial information and budget processes more open and participatory. We've secured a record breaking $32 Million in grants and special funding for our community. We have invested in and repaired many of our infrastructure problems, added a wide variety of parks programming options and enhanced facilities, improved public safety and created better pathways for our residents in crisis to access relief programs. We've done all this with full transparency.

Every decision I've made has been collaborative. We've hosted more neighborhood and public listening sessions than ever before and maintained an open door policy that ensures everyone is welcome in the Mayor's office.

That's what distinguishes a platform from an agenda. It's not a private or personal mission and not rooted in power or control.

My platform builds on what we started and explains the specific ways we'll keep our momentum and complete the projects that will enhance our community. I didn't build it alone, I built it with you. Read about what we've accomplished and what's coming next here: Treva's Campaign Platform 2023

We have great momentum, Charlestown. Let's keep it going and have another four years of Proven Progress. Let's continue to Keep Charlestown First.

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