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New Teen Hangout Open!

It's always a joy to bring to life one of our community's ideas. For years I saw social media comments about how badly Charlestown needed a place for our teens to call their own - a safe place for them to hangout and spend time together. Who better to design such a place than our teens themselves? That's why we visited Charlestown High School last year to meet with several classes. We took their ideas, hired an engineer to create the design, then went back to the students to get their final review before building their vision. Last Friday we officially opened the Depot Teen Hangout at the Family Activities Park. Right now it's open Thursday-Sunday for our teens, but we'll adapt as needed to make sure the space is meeting our community needs. If you've got ideas about how to make our city better, just let me know! Learn more about the Depot by clicking the news link below and visiting our city's parks page at

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