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A Special Message for 

Republican Voters

Why would a Republican vote for Treva Hodges?

Municipal governance should NOT be partisan. These aren't Democrat or Republican roads we're paving. We don't check registration status when you attend our events. Treva is a Mayor for ALL of Charlestown. Here are a few of the things she's done that traditional Republican voters will appreciate:

Lower Taxes

Screenshot 2024-04-30 at 10.29.53 AM.png

Treva is a fiscal conservative who works to keep the municipal property tax rate as low as possible while providing essential services.

Tax rates in Charlestown have decreased since Treva was elected. 

"But Treva, my tax bill went up!"

Yes, mine too. But NOT because of the City's tax rate under my leadership. Home values were assessed higher at the County level - something I have no control over. That's why I was determined to keep our local tax rate as low as possible - to help you save money.

Conservative Spending

Treva's budget keeps taxes low, meets our needs, and keeps us out of unnecessary debt.

Each year she's been Mayor, Treva has saved an average of $310,000!

This savings helps us pay for  public works projects and equipment without having to go into debt.

Treva's successful pursuit of grants and special funding brought Charlestown over $32 million! 

These grants saved utility ratepayers money every month by avoiding additional rate increases.

Treva has created opportunities for record amounts of corporate sponsorships for our city events and programming which keeps more of your money in your pocket. 

READI Grant.jpeg

Free Market Economy

Treva has streamlined permitting to promote a business-friendly environment and encourage Free Market growth. Her approach has resulted in the opening of over a dozen new businesses, increased the number of jobs, and set Charlestown on a path of recovery after decades of economic stagnation.

Want more restaurants?

More shops? 

Treva has created the most business friendly economic environment in Charlestown's history.

With small business grant support during the COVID-19 pandemic, a facade improvement program for exterior enhancements of local businesses, and a proposed restaurant incentive program, there's never been a better time to Choose Charlestown!

Screen Shot 2023-02-12 at 1.04.14 PM.png

Parks & Recreation

Treva listened and took action when you said we needed new spaces for teens and children with disabilities. Through her leadership Charlestown saw it's first fully accessible playground installed to replace the broken and aged play equipment at Greenway Park and opened The Depot Hangout, an expansion of the Family Activities Park designed by and for teens to have a place to gather safely. 


Treva has kept her promise to protect and serve Charlestown families.

From record investments into public safety to expansion and improvements of our parks and playgrounds, Treva shows she cares about families and children. Under Treva's leadership we've increased the number of Police Officers who protect our community, invested in our Officer's safety with upgraded equipment and new vehicles, and improved their base pay to ensure we attract and retain the best. Treva also wants your family to enjoy parks and recreation. She has added spaces and equipment you need to make sure kids of all ages and abilities get to enjoy our parks. She also increased programming opportunities by adding camps for athletics, arts, science, music, and theater. 

police car.jpeg

Public Safety

Treva believes in a well funded local police department. Under her leadership we've increased the number of police officers, and added more new vehicles and safety equipment. She also raised Officers' base pay to help attract and retain the best officers. Treva encourages extended training opportunities for CHPD officers and listens to and lets the Officers inform budget and policy decisions so that they have the support they need to perform their best. 


Trust & Transparency

Treva wants you to be able to trust your government again. That's why from day one of her term in office she has made EVERYTHING more open. All public meetings are livestreamed for everyone to view. All meeting agendas and documents are shared in advance. All budget and finance materials are posted online. Treva maintains open office hours and personally answers all messages and calls. Nothing is hidden from you!

No secret agendas. Only transparency. 

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