My platform is based on the core pledges to:

  • Protect Private Property Rights

  • Practice Fiscal Responsibility

  • Foster Community Cohesion

  • Protect Charlestown Families and Citizens 

  • Review TIF Districts to ensure accuracy and increase city's bonding capacity

  • Prioritize maintenance and development projects based on NEEDS before WANTS

  • Increase public access to budget information

  • Encourage growth that offers community resources for ALL residents

Financial Accountability

Road Constuction
  • Allocate funds for improvements equitably across neighborhoods

  • Evaluate and prioritize stormwater runoff and drainage improvements

  • Evaluate and install needed public safety features in all neighborhoods

  • Replace and install sidewalks in all areas of town where needed


Kids Running
  • Adopt a Parks Master plan to assess current and future resource allocation, financial stability, and opportunities for expansion

  • Create a Parks Board to oversee the operation and maintenance of recreational areas and programming

  • Partner with sister communities and neighboring park areas to offer enrichment opportunities for residents

  • Assess current festivals and yearly activities to explore new ideas for improvements and engagement


Helping Hands
  • Introduce a Community Liaison to coordinate resources and provide case management for residents in crisis.

  • Open A&E Center at no charge for groups offering community-wide enrichment opportunities 

  • Partner with schools to offer supplemental educational and civic service opportunities for youth

  • Fully fund the Charlestown Police Department in a Community Policing initiative

  • Create public Safe Place for Sales and Custody exchanges

  • Expand public wi-fi

Social Services

  • Increase public access to monthly financial reports and city debt/spending

  • Provide live video streaming of all public meetings

  • Expand public notification services 

  • Improve ability for members of the community to make public comment at meetings

  • Introduce "Community Table" idea to have a quarterly listening session with the Mayor

  • Maintain open-door policy and improve communication 

Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass
  • Improve public access to monthly financial reports and documents

  • Provide live video stream of all public meetings

  • Improve ability for residents to make public comment at meetings

  • Introduce "Community Table" quarterly listening session with the Mayor

  • Maintain open-door/open-office hours to improve communication between residents and the Office of the Mayor