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Treva's Campaign Finance Report - PrePrimary Period

Campaigns can be expensive. Brochures, yard signs, and t-shirts aren't free and in order to share their plans for office with voters, candidates have to fundraise. When you give money to a candidate, you're making an investment in their leadership. You're basically saying, "I like what you bring to this job so I'm willing to help you spread your message."

Last Friday at noon all candidates for municipal elections had to submit their campaign finance reports for the pre-primary period, which began on January 1 of this year.

In keeping with my commitment to transparency, I have included a copy of my 2023 pre-primary campaign finance report below.

When I asked to serve as mayor in my 2019 campaign I remember a particular social media post where folks were curious about the cost of my "car lot signs" (the feather banners you see around town now). This curiosity made me smile because it showed that voters were digging into the details of that election - something I think is essential to free and fair elections.

During that first campaign, donations came in just as they were needed. We made it through, got the message out, and I've been blessed to serve my first term as your mayor. This time, donations have come in much quicker - a testament to the team we have now and the improvements we've made in the city in the last three years. Like other candidates, I've ordered some informational items, a few updated yard signs, and paid my campaign office bills.

How much does it cost to run a campaign for mayor in Charlestown?

That's the question I asked myself when I announced my bid for a second term. But something nags at me on a regular basis. How much is too much? Don't get me wrong, I want to be able to share with you the long list of our accomplishments and where we can go in the next four years, but I believe that campaigns should be more than signs and flyers. I want my time as mayor in Charlestown to have a tangible positive impact on our community. Because of this, I committed in this pre-primary period to use my fundraising to benefit non-profit and educational organizations in Charlestown.

If you look at my report you'll see my campaign spent $25,518.43 in itemized expenses since January 1st of this year.

Over 50% of that went to charitable organizations in our city.

With your help we donated over $14,000 to organizations that benefit children, families, public safety, senior citizens, veterans, and people in need of assistance with food or housing!

As they city's chief executive I've worked hard to pursue grants, special funding, and donations in excess of $30 million in the last three years.

This fundraising helps us keep our city's tax rate and service fees low while still allowing us to provide outstanding services, festivals, beautification, and events for you. I believe that my campaign should operate under the same idea - that my leadership should benefit our community.

Thank you to everyone who has invested in my campaign. You're helping us Keep Charlestown First and showing everyone why we Choose Charlestown every single day.

Treva's 2023 Pre Primary Campaign Finance Report:

Download PDF • 9.23MB

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