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Designing with a New Generation, For a New Generation

As we move forward with enhancements to our Parks and Recreation spaces it's important to include feedback from those who will use our facilities. We've met with parents and service providers of children with disabilities to inform the design of our upcoming accessible playground build, talked to senior citizens about trail expansion and access, and this past week we touched base with our teens to follow up on their ideas for improvements at the Family Activities Park.

Last Fall my Parks Staff and I stopped in to Charlestown High School and met with a few classes to hear what kinds of spaces teens are interested in seeing developed in our city parks. We received some very creative feedback! We took what they shared with us, narrowed it down to what's feasible with our current budget parameters, enlisted the help of a design team, and put pen to paper to sketch out some concepts. On Tuesday we took those concepts back to the high school to show our progress, collect opinions, and update our design. The sessions went great! General feedback was very positive and the students like the direction. They added a few details and wish list items and we were able to pass those along to the design team.

Next up, the design team will finalize the plan and scope, get us some real budget numbers, and we'll report back to the Redevelopment Commission. I'm optimistic we'll have a new space specifically designed by and for adolescents and teens to hang out and do the activities they love before the end of the summer. Stay tuned! I can't wait to show you what they've built.

When I say we're keeping Charlestown First, this is what I mean. We're engaging with our stakeholders of all ages to make sure we grow responsibly.

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