I'm here to move Charlestown forward by keeping Charlestown First. 

Scholar. Advocate. Hoosier by Choice.

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Meet Treva

I’ve lived in a lot of places in my life, but when I moved to Charlestown I knew I was home. From impromptu reunions in the produce section of the Jay C store to crisp fall evenings on the porch, there’s never a shortage of opportunities to connect with friends. The warmth of our Community rivals any city I know. For over a decade I taught young adults in my college courses that they are the real agents of change in their communities. I’ve always had a strong sense of justice and compassion for others. Combined with my unwavering work ethic, I’ve never been timid about taking on the hardest of tasks. In the past, I’ve served my communities in quiet humility. My focus has always been on inspiring others, especially young people, to step into leadership. What I had not done in the past is step onto the political stage myself. I’ve never imagined myself as a politician. I still don’t. I ran for Mayor because I believed it was time to restore public trust to government offices. I think we can welcome development without destroying our relationships. I think we can take a stand against political greed and restore and maintain accountability and respect to City Hall. I want to keep Charlestown First in order to move us Forward.

I bring to the office of Mayor

  unwavering honesty, 
empathy, and 

for all of Charlestown's residents.

The most exciting time of year for me has always been the beginning of the school season. Notebooks, pens, books, and school supplies get my heart pumping and, whether I’m learning how to install a new toilet or reading the latest cultural critique, I love to challenge myself by tackling new skills or considering new ideas. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree and Master of Arts in Communication Studies from the University of Alabama where I also completed graduate level coursework in Higher Education Administration. I completed my PhD in Comparative Humanities at the University of Louisville in July 2019. I’ve had the opportunity to teach at several institutions of higher education including the University of Alabama, Jefferson State Community College, Indiana University Southeast, the University of Louisville, and Ivy Tech Community College. I believe that learning should never stop. My educational and career background have given me the skills I need to manage the day-to-day executive functions of the office of Mayor. I know how to research, plan, and implement strategies that will move us forward while celebrating the uniqueness that makes up the Charlestown Way.


I am a Lifelong Learner 

I am an

Outdoor Adventurer &



Southern Indiana is one of the most beautiful places in the nation. Fertile farms, quiet forests, rolling hills, and rushing streams, we have everything an outdoor adventurer could want. When I need to recharge I hit the trails at Charlestown State Park or rest in the green spaces available in town. I look forward to hunting seasons in the fall and spring, love to organize and work in community clean-up efforts, and think it’s vital that we work to protect our natural resources. We are fortunate to have a landscape that lends itself to recreation and family fun. I love how our city fits right on the edge of nature and progress and I hope to build on our natural resources to create spaces for people to make time for play.


I am an

Everyday Woman

We have more in common than you think. Just like many of you I’ve endured the ups and downs of life. I have enjoyed the pleasure of a middle-class lifestyle but felt the sting of job loss and poverty. I enjoy the rich warmth of a loving marriage with First Dude, Ed Byers, but I know the cold reality of divorce. I have been near the top at times, and struggled to stay afloat at others. I know what it’s like to sacrifice self in order to do what is best for those you love. Unlike career politicians who embrace the art of self-promotion, I think good leaders should look for and encourage opportunities that benefit the people they serve. We’re in this community together and the rich experiences I’ve had ensure that I am a Mayor for ALL of Charlestown.